Saturday, January 3, 2009

Some sort of pasta bianco... with tomatoes

After all the heavy food we eat around the holidays I really find myself craving for something quick, light and easy. I don't know what goes into a real pasta bianco, but this is something I made up in my student years on one of those days at the end of the month where you just had to make do with what you had in the fridge. All it is, is spaghetti, boiled according to the instructions and drained, a generous pour of olive oil, some (in my case, a lot of) butter, some (maldon sea) salt, grated cheese and halved fresh cherry tomatos. For this one I added in roasted pine nuts as well. Super simple, super easy and I love it (and so does my two year old son which is always a huge bonus)! Not so sure about the nutritional value, but I'm sure there's no harm in eating this every now and then.

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nuddpenney said...

I make a similar dish, but with black beans instead of pine nuts, and I've never added oil or butter, but I can see how that would be nice. Yummy! I think I know what we'll have for dinner tonight!