Sunday, January 4, 2009

I <3 Benita!

Every now and then someone has a super simple, yet brilliant solution to a common every day problem. Benita seems to have these solutions to most things in the home, and here is one that even I can execute! The "Super Simple Bed Skirt How-To" inspires me to get moving with this project, which by-the-way is quite well under way! We got my dad to come round today and help us with the drilling (a three man job, one drilling, one hoovering and helping out, plus one to mind George who is terrified of the noise!). Afterwards I went to IKEA to get a little missing piece so I should be all set in a few days' time to show off the result!
P.S. We've decided to raise our bed off the floor, which is why I want to do this bed skirt ;) I know there will be lots of stuff going under the bed as soon as we have the "extra" storage space!

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