Monday, January 12, 2009

Hubby's Home Office

Today my darling Hubby started film school. I've promised to set up a home office space for him and I've been spending some time online, looking for inspiration. Here are a few faves:

A discreet box desk that would look fabulous with a great chair, some nice lamps and cool prints on the wall. Storage included in the desk itself. Might not be enough for my Hubby, but I would definitely not mind this in my living room. Seen on oh_food's flickr photostream.

Maybe I could go full out and create a real attention grabber? Enough space for both of us here. Includes beautiful things that I love: vintage finds, a fabulous colour, great pattern and well organised open storage. First seen on design*sponge and since then all over the web.

If we had too much closet space, I might consider this. Seen on Jen44's Flickr photostream.

Very simple and beautiful, but I guess if you have to sit there for hours on end and do some serious work it wouldn't really work. Nice, still. From Wig3000's Flickr photostream.

Room 606 at the Radison SAS hotel in Copenhagen. Preserved just the way Arne Jacobsen designed it in 1960. Hello gorgeous!

I've posted this before. Still fab!

We could just use our dining table as a desk, just add in some good storage (like seen here). Realistically it would end up looking like this, very charming but it might frustrate me in the long run:

I could try to find a niche somewhere and hide the office behind curtains when not in use like supershoppertoo. Only problem is that I'm planning to put the changing table in the only niche like space in our flat. I'd have to find another space for it then. Pregnant brain overload...

Right now I'm leaning towards using a system similar to the Elfa system, there is a corner in the TV/family room where this would be possible. It's very functional and flexible and can be dressed up to look very nice.

Something about this picture from Apartment Therapy captures me. It has an old-school charm about it that I think my hubby would appreciate.

What do you think? Have you created office space in your home that you're pleased with? Please share.


red said...

take a peek at the rakks system, too. not as durable as elfa (steel vs aluminum), but much more refined.

Not your goddess said...

Thanks for that :)

Anonymous said...

I think an home office like the one on the first image would be perfect for your home. Even better if you could close the front with a "door" so it doesn´t have to be perfect and tidy all the time... you just close it and the living room looks perfect! ...and it doesn´t really look like an office which is even better:)


Rafa said...

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Thanks once again,



nath said...


I found you via Carrie Can. I just wanted to say we have that feather wallpaper in our bedroom and I love it. It's really beautiful! Oh and many congratulations on your new baby! Hope you're all doing fine.


Not your goddess said...

Thanks Nath, I so envy you of your wallpaper! Oh and we're doing great here in babyland :)