Friday, August 6, 2010

An unpleasant encounter

I started yesterday off by being chased down the street by a mad man swinging a huge chain lock. Seriously! I almost feel like I'm telling a lie when I say this because it seems so unreal. On my way to work I noticed this man going after a young boy and stopped and as I was afraid he was going to attack him I started fumbling for my phone. That's when he saw me and came after me, swinging the chain. I was walking down Reykjavík's main shopping street but it was early and none of the shops were open yet. I ran and I ran, trying to get cars to stop and help me, but no one would. Finally I saw a guy opening up an optical shop, pushed myself past him into the shop and finally found my phone and called the police. They came and got him, but get this: they then let him go, 'because they didn't have anything on him'! I got the police to drop me home since I wasn't about to go back out on the street where this maniac was still on the loose. Today I found out that the same guy just continued up the road an proceeded to throw rocks into the windows of a bank and damaged 6 cars before a security guard overpowered him! Needless to say, I was a bit shaky yesterday, but I'm fine now. Not walking to work anymore though!

(art by Banksy)

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Two little elephants said...

Guð minn góður!!!
Þetta er mjög óraunverulegar aðstæður. Ég skil sko vel að þú hafir verið í sjokki!