Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Looks I love: from the runways

All right, it's August, and in Iceland that means we can start wearing our autumn outfits. I love autumn, the textures, the layers, the deep colours, everything! Here are my favorite looks from Vogue.com.

Classic autumn look by Ralph Lauren

Love everything about this look from Tommy Hilfiger

What an incredibly classy take on the cape, by Giambattista Valli

Just gotta love Prada... How does she always know, way before me, exactly what I want?!

Surprisingly, for me, I really like this look from Gucci. I guess it's because I just wish I could pull it off. My style tends to be a bit more... er... messier

I'm a sucker for the eclectic kooky sort of thing. Marni.

Gotta have a go-to sunday morning look (although mine tends to be more porridge coated t-shirt and comfy pj-bottoms... but if I was braving cold weather to go hang out with my friends at a cafe, I'd go for this. Reed Krakoff.

Finally, secretly, I'm just waiting for an occasion to wear something like this. Oscar de la Renta

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