Saturday, July 10, 2010

This week in pictures

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. My little Sam is ill and I fell asleep while nursing him to sleep. So today I feel all nice and refreshed after 12 hours of sleep. So anyway, this is the post I meant to do yesterday, my week in pictures.

On Sunday I celebrated my birthday

On Tuesday I went and bought a new pair of shoes

On wednesday the biggest Gym in Reykjavik had a great deal on monthly memberships, so I went and joined. So far I've done an 'abs and back' class and a 'Salsa fitness' class. Watch out Jane Fonda, here I come!

(Picture borrowed from Ambush Studio)

Oh and Face Hunter is in town... haven't seen him though, but have been doing my best to dress stylishly... just in case!

(Picture from Face Hunter - obviously ;)

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