Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some more things I *have* to have!

These last few days I've been trying to get my 17 month old to go to sleep in his own bed. While he's not too unhappy about the new arrangement, he does take a loooong time to fall asleep and if I leave his bedside he will cry. So I've been sitting there next to him, patiently waiting for mr sandman to do his job. So what has that got to do with a lace unitard and a black wedge sandal? Well, while I've been sitting there I've had to entertain myself in some way or other, without disturbing Sam. So I've been thinking about my wardrobe, how I can update it, what pieces I'd really like to get and totally fantasizing about getting a completely new outfit for every day of the week. I've reached the conclusion that the next thing I need to buy for an instant update is this lace unitard from American Apparel (a second life to all my light jersey dresses) and wedge sandals to get with the latest footwear craze... although wedge shoes would probably be more practical as they would take me through winter.

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