Monday, October 20, 2008

Entrance Hall - part II

I finally did it! Well actually, I finished it a few days ago but didn't get round to blogging it until now. Like I said, it's pretty simple. A section of the wall painted black, a couple of FRÄN hat racks from IKEA and some baskets on top for hats, scarves and such.

And what a wonderful opportunity to show off my vintage 60's cape that I absolutely adore. Too bad it's getting to cold to wear it now.

A few well chosen pairs of shoes on display (they make my eyes so happy!).

And for our son's coats we got these fantastic BÄSTIS hooks from the pet section in IKEA!

That's it, my entrance hall sorted. Next will be creating a better storage space in the bedroom.


my umi says... said...

It looks AMAZING!!! I love the black wall and radiator! I did something similar in my kitchen... the black wall really makes things look more beautiful- no matter what I put against it. Awesome job! Keep on Keepin' on... You're doing Great!!!

get togetha said...

Love your blue car coat!

mauka-makai said...

I love how the black wall pulls this whole area together. I'm wishing hard for an ikea looking at your design, our closest one is 4.5 hours away! Good luck with the bedroom. See you ApartmentTherapyFallCure.