Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The smallest shared bedroom ever!

When it was time for Sam, our younger son, to move on from his crib we decided to switch bedrooms, George and Sam got our big bedroom and we got George's small room. Ella, our youngest, is now sharing this room with us... it's about 9 square meters (just over 90 square feet) so it's pretty crammed (double bed, crib, changing table, small closet). We chose to go all white in here, not just because of the tight space but also because I just love a crisp clean bedroom... it's just so relaxing to wake up to a non fussy, clutter free space. We've added a few personal touches though, and I'm planning to hang a couple of pictures similar to what I did above Sam's changing table. A few pics:

White Raven hanger by my friend Ingibjörg Hanna

Ella's bed

A wall blanket that was given to my mother as a Christening present 57 years ago

A blanket my grandmother made for me when I was a baby.

The room is tiny but we love it. Later, when George starts school we're giving him his old room back and Sam and Ella will share the bigger room. Terry and I will move into the smaller living room (we have joint living rooms and we hardly ever use the bigger one. I'm exited about this change, it will be a much better use of the space and I'm looking forward to decorate our "new" living room.

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