Saturday, April 9, 2011

The wish list

So, my due date is in less than two weeks and I finally stopped working. When the boys go back to school on monday I'll start making the final preparations, which will mostly be finding the old baby clothes, washing them and stashing in the drawers. I'll also be packing my hospital bag and I'll be ready. Since this is our third baby we have almost everything we need so we won't be buying much. There are just a few things though, that I always wanted but never got round to buying. For instance a sheepskin, for floorplay, sleeping and for the pram and the buggy (stroller).

A Moby Wrap. I have other slings but they're more suitable after a few months, and this one has always been on the wish list.

The silk bonnet from Ruskovilla. We had one for our little Sam, but it got lost somewhere and we will most definitely be getting it again. It allows the skin to breath yet prevents thermal loss.  Untreated silk contains remnants of sericin which has a beneficial affect on allergic skin, soothing any sensitive or irritated areas. 
A peak on the silk cap protects the baby's crown area, while the snug fit protects sensitive ears from surrounding noise. The cap's delicate surface massages the baby's head in a manner similar to the mother's womb during pregnancy. This massage has both a stimulating and pacifying affect on the baby. Available for instance from mjölk. 

That's it, and I'll be ready :)

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Yamila said...

Good luck with everything, and I am sure having 3 kids will be a synch.
Hopefully the bub will come on time.
I was due on the 9th April last year with baby number 2 and she came on the 21st of April!