Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Starting small

I've been trying to figure out a way to start arranging a picture wall in our TV/family room but can't seem to decide on even the overall effect I want from it. But I did manage this little one above the changing table. In the white frame we put a card we got at the hospital with our son's footprint, the date and time of his birth, his weight and length and our names and the name of the midwife who delivered him. I found the 'S' block at a local charity shop (S is his initial) and the painting (by an artist called Hildur) was a present I got about 12 years ago from my dad's family when I graduated from architecture school. All are fixed with blue tac, which I hope will be strong enough when baby 'S' starts grabbing everything within reach! I'm going to add a Lack shelf for wipes, toys and perhaps a mobile above the pictures.


Patagonia Mum with Baby said...

The wall looks beautiful and so much detail in what you have added to the frames. Baby S will be kept busy while his nappies are being changed I am sure.

Not your goddess said...

Thank you :) He seems to be very happy on the changing table, so maybe it's working!