Friday, April 3, 2009

Picture Wall

I'm still undecided on the look of our gallery wall. I know (I think) it's going to be a "family wall", with pictures of and by family and friends. I've been gathering some inspiration here and there:

Random display from Apartment Therapy. Good for frames of different shapes and sizes. Some discipline needed in placing the pictures so it looks as cool as this.

Straight up and across from Desire to Inspire. Will only work if all your frames are the same size. But the pictures could all be different shapes and sizes in one type of frames. Notice the wall light.

On shelves from moline. Good for also displaying little items with the pictures, and also good if you want to keep changing the display.

I could also just hang pictures, no frames no nothing? There could be a million stories there. From Desire to Inspire.

This one is brilliant. I didn't even notice the tv until I started looking at the pictures more closely. Also from Desire to Inspire, but found on Apartment Therapy Housetours.

This could be fun; get a big frame and put a few different pictures in it, maybe do a collage. From enourmous champion sneak peak at design*sponge.

The wall won't be complete just yet, we're planning to take the boys to a photographer in a couple of months time, until then, I'll have plenty of time to look for inspiration. Do tell if you know of any great examples.


 Viv said...

Hi! Hope you are keeping well.

I adore either a random mix of frames or one type of frame hung in a group together.

Have you seen Jennifer Ramos's wall from MadeByGirl? I think it looks great.

I blogged about it here:

Or you can check out her home tour here:

Viv xx

Not your goddess said...

Thanks for that Viv, it looks fabulous! I went ahead and posted it straight away :)

hellosteffi said...

i think it's always good to have one big photo/poster that stands out, and maybe some tiny ones underneath. i guess you need to experiment and take it down 8 times before you have something you're satisfied with.

Amanda said...

I love all of those images you've posted. I really love the entry way from Desire to Inspire, but the frames and image sizes would have to be the same. As a fellow mother (of 3) I don't think that's practical. I'd like to be able to continue adding to the wall as we create more memories.

Good luck! Love your site.

x Amanda

Andrea said...

I love your blog! I found it via Flickr while searching for art photos/inspiration, will definitely be back often :)

I need a guide said...

cool post!
love the last one.