Monday, November 3, 2008


It seems toys are everywhere in our house. Before I had kids, I thought this would be something that would bother me. I envisioned loud garish plastic toys, Legos everywhere (particularly exactly where I would put my foot down - literally) and, for some strange reason, cheese filled musical instruments. But you know what, I think toys are cool! At least they can be. Legos are fun. Our friends and family seem to like us, because they haven't given George any squeeky or otherwise loud parent torturing machines. The only toys he has that make a sound are musical instruments, which I don't mind. And some of them also look totally cool. Like this cute little Elmo my parents got him on a trip to the states recently.

There he is, trying to hide behind a green bucket full of other toys.
Last summer our cousin came to stay with us for a couple of monts. We don't have a guest bedroom so he stayed in George's room. He always sleeps in our bed, so that wasn't a problem, and we took most of his toys and gave them their own place in the living room. We had an old teak coffee table that we used for this, we put books, jigsaw puzzles, cars and such on top of it, and underneath went the green buckets containing Legos and other assorted things. George was obviously thrilled with this arrangement, and we were actually quite happy too!

What I really like about this is that the piece of furniture holding it all together isn't a designated nursery piece. This could be used in a kid's bedroom too.


mauka-makai said...

oh so right you are. good looks and good for you too.

rustandroses said...

Oh, my goodness; what is the name of that book in the front on the left? I remember having that as a child! I recognize the cover, but can't recall the name...Cute set-up by the way!! :)

Not your goddess said...

It's by Gunilla Wolde and in Icelandic it's called Emma og litli bróðir, Emma och Lillebror in the original Swedish: Emma and her little brother... don't know if it was translated like that to English?