Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our gallery wall

This is the room in our house we spend the most time in. It´s where we read, watch TV, work on the computer, build Lego forts with our son and just chill out.

We've almost been living in our flat for a year now, and I still can't decide what to do with this wall. I know I want it to be a gallery wall, but exactly how I hang the pictures (and what pictures to hang), I don't know. I have the two big pictures, the red one, which is a poster I bought at the Saatchi Gallery in London and had framed, and the one with the two ballerinas which my best friend painted and gave me when I graduated from Uni. I also want to hang smaller pictures, photos of my family, my son's artwork, my own drawings... and so on. Anyone have any helpful hints?
I don't know whether to hang the large pictures somewhere else and just have the smaller ones here, or whether I can combine the two. I've also contemplated putting up a couple of long IKEA Lack shelves to organise smaller bits and have maybe just the big red one hanging to the side of the shelves... I keep going in circles, please help!


Poppy and Mei said...

I found you via apart.therapy in the comments about contacting the kitchen.
You know what? I'd blow up pics of the fam & hang them in a grid on that wall & scatter the other stuff about the apartment.
Like you say, it's a family space, so get the family up there!
Great blog, may I come back from time to time? XXxx

Not your goddess said...

That's a very good idea, thank you! And come back as many times as you want ;)