Monday, September 22, 2008

Not your goddess

I am not a domestic goddess, I am no Martha Stewart. My closet is not colour coded, my mornings are spent frantically searching for that scarf that completes my outfit, my son’s mittens and my keys. I aspire to be different and I look up to the Benitas of this world. I spend a lot of time browsing through Apartment Therapy, Ohdeedoh, Designsponge and other such sites, admiring the perfect lives of perfect people. I wonder if they are a bit more like me in reality though, do they ever forget to charge their phone, do they ever burn the dinner or have hazardously high piles of newspaper waiting to be taken to the recycling skip? Do their kids ever go to bed with unwashed hands?
This is my life, in all its imperfection, and I hope it can be an inspiration.

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