Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Easy peasy and proud of it!

There's a photographer coming to take pictures of my home tomorrow. It will be featured in the Homes & Design section in one of the newspapers this weekend. My friend Ingibjörg has something to do with this. Her gorgeous designs have caught the attention of the design world and everyone keeps asking her if they can put her home in their magazines, but she doesn't feel ready for that yet. So she points some of them to me... yikes! It's a great opportunity though, or rather a kick in the bum for me to finish off some projects and generally just tidy up around the place. I had planned to do exactly that tonight but when I came home from work, my gorgeous Hubby had done it all! While also cooking and entertaining our two year old son!!! How good can it get? So instead I'm going to see if I can find a few accessories hidden in my cupboards that I can place around the house, rather casually, to create some interest (obviously to show them what an interesting person I am).

Anyway, the domestic goddes that I am, I wanted to share with you this delicious pizza I made yesterday. I awlays use store bought, ready made pizzadough (the one I buy has even be rolled out and then rolled up ready on baking paper!). I also used pre shredded "mozzarella" this time (I know it's not really mozzarella, I'd rather not think about what it is), as I had some in the freezer. The sauce couldn't be easier, just chop up a few cloves of garlic, fry them a bit in olive oil, add in a can of chopped tomatoes and let it simmer uncovered until the fluid has reduced quite a lot (you don't want a soggy pizza). I do draw the line at buying ready made sauce, it just doesn't sit right with me. Pre-heat the oven (really you should have done that before you started the sauce!), slap the sauce on the dough, cheese over and whatever you like. I used Parma ham. Now that's easy, not all this "it's really easy to make your own pizza dough" nonsense! Try doing that with a two year old screaming at you, begging for attention after a looong day in nursery.


The Bitter Foodie said...

Hey there!

This looks fantastic - good damn job!

Cooking doesn't all have to be handmade!

Thanks for making me a new contact on Flickr by the way.

Are you really in Iceland??

-The Bitter Foodie

Not your goddess said...

*lol* yep, really in Iceland! It already started snowing!!!