Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winter wardrobe

Whenever the seasons change, I'm always too late to get out the appropriate kit. In the freezing cold I'll be out there with no mittens or a hat, and in the beautiful spring sun, I'll still be wearing my winter coat. To add on to that, I've found that having two children (and a third one on the way), I'm very lucky to get out of the house with just the bare necessities (such as phone, wallet, keys) when trying to get everyone ready for their daycare and myself for work. And with only a fraction of my wardrobe actually fitting me at the moment, all I can do is admire the stylish girls around the fashion blogs and look forward to a less hectic life, sometime in the far away future!


Anonymous said...

this could totally be you! :)


Not your goddess said...

mwah! I love you! I think my next knitting project will be a hat like that!

wooden gates said...

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