Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Feeling sorry...

...for the lack of posting
...for myself

I've been coughing my guts out for the last four weeks and I finally gave in and got an appointment at the doctor's. Been feeling soooo tired, sick, sweaty, sticky, ugly, awful... I've been going to sleep at the same time as my little boys, between 8 and 9 pm and sleeping through till 7 in the morning, still feeling I want some more sleep. Now I dream of the perfect bedroom, and guess what! Design*Sponge has a best of bedrooms roundup! Here's my favorite:

As a sign of my sickness, I would even let hubby roll the TV in there for me... oh no, did I just say that?!

PS I don't even know what day it is, so the weekly schedule is out the window for the time being.

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krumma said...

æh sendi þér heilandi strauma, það er glatað að vera veikur