Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let them eat cake!

Today is No Diet Day, so here are a few yummies!

First up, Nigella's banana bread. I just love a slice of banana bread with a ton of butter on top. It's got to be what the Danes call 'tooth butter'... meaning that you can see teeth marks in the butter after you bite it.

I've been having a love affair lately. It's come as a total surprise to me, I never imagined this could happen to me. With peanut butter of all things! I just can't get enough. So from one of my favorite food (well, cake) websites, Bake or Break, a peanut butter pie with cookie crust!

And last but not least, Jamie. Oh Jamie what can I say? I don't find you cute like many women out there, but boy would I kill to have you wine me, dine me... and send me home with this chocolate love cake with cherries and booze... what more could a girl ask for?

1 comment:

ólöf said...

ánægð með þig að nefna INDD daginn! hann er líka hjá mér..mikilvægur dagur:)