Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Winter wish list

I call it winter wish list, but really it's a christmas wish list... it just feels a bit too early to be talking about christmas, but when the time comes and people start asking me what I want I can never remember. So this way, I can just click on my 'wish list' tag and be reminded.

So first up is a travel mug. My mornings are incredibly hectic. The two littln's make sure we get up, not so much at the crack of dawn thankfully, but early enough. Then it's my job to make porridge, get the littlest one changed and dressed, his big brother dressed (tantrums and all), and finally get myself dressed, find the keys and get everybody out of the house. Or alternatively shout at the hubby to do this and do that and c'mon get up! No time for a coffee but by the time I've taken my big boy to daycare it's time for my little boy to get his nap, so as he slowly falls asleep in his pram, what would be better than sipping my coffee from this wonderful mug. I see a lot more walks in the park in my future (I just have to get time to make that coffee before leaving the house)!
P.S. Also on my list: World peace. Really. So if any of you have connections to the Rothschilds, could you pass the message? Thank you.

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