Sunday, May 10, 2009


A skincare routine for a tired mum on a budget.

That's not me in the photo.

In the meantime, I'm trying to remember the recipie for a home-made face mask I made once. The base was thick porridge and then I mixed a few things in. A couple of crushed multi vitamin tablets for, well, vitamins. A bit of orange juice for gentle peeling. The contents of a green tea bag for anti oxidants I think. Perhaps there was some oil, I can't remember. And perhaps something else I've forgotten.
By the way, did you know that washing your hands with used coffee grounds not only cleans your hands incredibly well of paint and grease and such, but also leaves your hands silky smooth? The combination of scrubbing and the oils in the coffee I guess.
I also remember seeing a reicipie for a home-made foot soak at some point. I only remember that you were supposed to add lemon for whitening the nails and oil to smooth the skin. I guess you could scrub your feet with coffee grounds first, then soak them in warm water with lemon and oil.
Do you have any tips on cheap and cheerful products for tired looking skin? Something that counters the lack of sleep, stress, at times poor diet and age? Any recipies for home-made stuff? Please share :)


Cafe Fashionista said...

As bizarre and unrefined as it sounds, I simply use soap and water to give my face a good scrubbing. It's such a delightful feeling! :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm þú mátt endilega senda uppskriftina á þreyttu stressuðu mömmuna í DK þegar þú færð hana. Finnst annars sokkaþvottahugmyndin þín góð ;o)

Ingibjorg said...

Olive oil is the best product to use when you want to wash the make up of your face. ..and the skin is so smooth afterwards. ...very cheap and very effective!

Not your goddess said...

ahaaaa...! The simplest things are always the best!!!

sarah said...

I love love LOVE The Boots skin care line at Target.
Apparently, they are pretty pricey / fancy in the UK.
But the prices here are reasonable and the entire line is heavenly.

I started with the night creme and my skin has never been softer.

I am addicted. Now I have the cleanser, night/ day creme, the SPF creme and toner.

I adore it all!

most prices are about 12.99 and it lasts about 1- 2 months.